Good Day Fox 4 Segment: “Get Rid of Cable – Still Watch Favorite Shows!” #CutTheCord


For years, the big cable companies held us captive to their high prices because they had exclusive rights to premium channels like HGTV, Food Network, History Channel, A&E and AMC. But that shiplap has sailed (ha, see what I did there???) and that means you can cut the cable cord and still watch your favorite shows.

How??? It’s called the internet, baby!

How to Quit Cable

Most people pay around $150/month for cable. Ouch. But options like DirecTV Now, Sling TV, and PlayStation Vue offer various packages where you can stream cable channels over the Internet…and with prices as little as $20 per month, you’ll save a ton compared to those hefty monthly cable bills with all their hidden fees.

And for a limited time, DirecTV NOW is offering new customers a FREE Roku Streaming Stick ($49.99 value) when you sign up and pre-pay for one month of DirecTV NOW Service starting at just $35/month!

How to Quit Cut Cable Streaming Services

Also, as a cable customer, you probably rent your modem and router from your service provider, and that means you’re paying a monthly fee of $5-$10. But did you know you can purchase a modem from Walmart for as little as $35? In the long run, you’ll come out way ahead.

And have you have heard TV antennas are making a comeback??? Yes, really. But you can put away the Reynold’s foil we used back in the day to help “boost” the power of our rabbit ears. These new HDTV antennas deliver a high definition feed of local channels for FREE…and with quick-as-lightening speed, since they don’t rely on internet connection. I found this ONN Indoor HDTV Antenna for less that $10 at Walmart.


You can even record all that free programming now with devices that a HDHomeRun tuner a TiVo OTA DVR or Tablo  tuner.



So what do you think? Are you ready to cut the cord and stop paying those highly monthly cable bills??? Watch my Good Day Fox 4 segment and it may give you something to think about…


  1. I have DTV with 3 “outlets” and even without the premium package I am paying about $135 a month. And the way they package their channels you end up having to add $$ to get a lot of junk and one channel you want. Add to that the interruptions for every little weather blip. I don’t see how I could cut this cord and save though I REALLY need too!

  2. Evelyn, I’ve been paying about $124 a month for the directv entertainment package plus the hallmark channels. My contract that I had since 2016 ran out as of Jan 4th and I just called Directv today to cancel the service because we had decided to sign up with the directv now in order to cut cost. When I called directv they talked me in to staying because they gave me the same package now for $37.98 plus tax. With the directv now I was going to be paying more for the same package. I’m pretty happy about the plan change I was able to obtain with directv.


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