Always Tired and Moody? Get Your Hormone Levels Checked!


If you’re constantly exhausted and barely have enough energy to get through the day, listen up! About 18 months ago, I’d gotten to a place where, even with a full night’s sleep, I was lethargic and exhausted ALL.THE.TIME. I’ve always been someone to hit the ground running, but I’d gotten to a place where every morning felt like this…

I could hardly roll out of bed and muster up enough energy to pack school lunches. I was taking my daily vitamins, eating healthy and sleeping well, but was consistently tired and fatigued. When I shared this info with Laura, she instantly said, “It sounds like you have a hormone imbalance. You need to make an appointment with HerKare!” I’d never heard of this place. Laura told me how her bi-weekly visits and the special “cocktail” they had customized to treat her symptoms made her feel normal again…and kept her off antidepressants. Seriously! (Read Laura’s post from a few years ago HERE.)

In January 2018, I had my first HerKare appointment and visited with Dania Khoncarly, PA-C, MPAS, BSN, RN. She asked a ton of questions, they took some blood and before I knew it I was on the pathway back to normal. I’m tired of typing 😏… so watch this video for details on exactly what they did for me and what HerKare can do for you, too:


xeomin vs. botox

***I’ve also visited HerKare to make me feel better on the outside by helping to diminish my massive forehead wrinkles. Read about my latest injection in the post, “Which Aesthetic Injectable is Right For You…Xeomin, Dysport or Botox?” And check out my Before/After pics, too!


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