A Simple Technique to Build a Girl’s Self Esteem

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As a mom to three boys, many times I find myself ignoring all those messages about building healthy self esteem in girls, or I’ll quickly scroll past Facebook posts from my “girl mom” friends when they talk about issues like trying to find appropriate clothing for their tweens or dealing with mean girls.

I feel like I’m off the hook when it comes to all that stuff. Who cares, right?


Even though I don’t parent a girl on a day-to-day basis, I do have nieces…and neighbors…and future girlfriends to my boys (gulp). That means I’m not off the hook and it’s my responsibility to help every girl I encounter to take a new look at themselves and encourage them to celebrate their individuality and uniqueness.

Let me share with you one thing I do. And it’s SO easy.

I know sometimes we all fall into the trap of commenting on someone’s pretty outfit or new hairstyle. It’s just an easy way to dive into a conversation.

But, when I’m interacting with a young girl, instead of discussing her outward appearance, I’ll ask a question like, “Tell me what book you’re reading?” or “What’s your favorite school subject?”

This shows her that I value what she thinks and NOT the way she looks.

Try it for yourself the next time you find yourself chatting with a 9-year-old little girl. She will light up at the opportunity you give her to share her thoughts and opinions and not where she bought her shoes.

For more than 10 years, the Dove Self Esteem project has been helping young girls with self-esteem education, reaching 17 million of them so far through powerful videos like this one…


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  1. I love Dove’s campaigns! They do such a great job of honoring all the different body types. And I love this self esteem project! I don’t have daughters but I’ll try to use it with other girls I work with.

  2. Oh my gosh, that comment about your husband is SOOOO FUNNY!!! That’s my husband, too! His dermatologist he saw when he was a teenager said Dove was the best and he REF– USES to use anything else – and no off brands! We stock up all the time, so thanks for the heads up on the coupon. 😉


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