Remember That Romantic Trip to Italy…


Yesterday, the boys and I visited Botolino Gelato. It’s a hidden gem located on Lower Greenville in Dallas. (Psst…watch my interview with the owner, Carlo “Botolo” Gattini, over on Facebook, then head over HERE to enter the Spring Break Giveaway of a $25 Botolino Gelato Gift Card, (4) LEGOLAND Admissions and (2) Pogo Passes ($300+ value)

The taste of that creamy, delicious pistachio gelato got me reminiscing about a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Italy I took with the hubby several years ago. We had friends who were living in Milan for work, so it was the perfect time to pull the trigger and take a much-needed vacation.

Want to see a few pictures??? Well, of course you do. Because everybody likes looking at someone else’s vacation pictures!

The typical dinner and view our friends, Dan and Shellie, enjoyed from their back porch. Jealous? Yeah, me too. Salmon w/ pesto, roasted veggies and pasta. Buon appetito!!!

plan a Romantic Trip to Italy

plan a Romantic Trip to Italy


They loaned us their car and we drove to Venice and Florence one day.

plan a budget Trip to Italy


Took the train into Milan another day. (Um…two letters come to mind: B.O.)

ride the train to milan


Then hopped a flight and spent a few days in Rome. (BTW…we saved about $1,000 each on airfare flying Dallas/Ft. Worth to Milan and then taking a smaller commuter jet to Rome, than if we’d flow directly Dallas/Ft. Worth to Rome.)

And here I am becoming smarter (and nerdier) than you after my audio tour of the Colosseum.


We found Waldo in Venice.

plan a  Romantic Trip to Italy venice


We found David in Florence.

plan a  Romantic Trip to Italy venice


But alas, we didn’t find George Clooney in Lake Como. But it is one of the most beautiful places on earth, so I understand why lives here.

plan a  Romantic Trip to  lake como italy

plan a  Romantic Trip to  lake come

Seriously, I could’ve sat there all day.plan a  Romantic Trip to  lake como italy

But there were nutella crepes to eat…

plan a  Romantic Trip to  lake como italy



Shellie took me to Italy’s equivalent to DSW. Five pairs of Italian shoes for only $150. Sweet!


And I felt like Julia Roberts walking out of this store with my bags full of Italian leather purses.


Sidewalk fruit stands are like Sprouts on steroids.


How do you like them cookies??


And it really did seem like there were gelato shops on ever corner.

where to find eat gelato in  italy


Italian Signage Lost in Translation

where to find eat gelato in  italy


And because deep, down inside I’m really a 12-year-old boy, this made me giggle.


Although we rarely thought about our three precious children we left at home, we did remember to pick up some crap for them.

how to save money in italy vacation


I hope you enjoyed this little taste of Italy. Arrivederci!



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