Why Aren’t You Seeing ModMomTV’s Facebook Posts?


Did you know that only about 5% of ModMomTV’s Facebook Fans ever see our posts?!?

To make sure you never miss out, under Following just select See First. Then whenever you hop onto Facebook, you’ll see the most recent posts.

Now, if you want to make sure you NEVER miss a single post, you can also choose Notifications>ON and then, you’ll get a nice little email message or a ping on your smartphone every time there’s a new post or LIVE video.

I really love Facebook!  But if you’re like me, you’re tired of seeing ads that you don’t want to see and are bummed you don’t see pages that you do want to see. The items I’ve outlined above are just a couple of things you can do to have more control over what you see on your newsfeed.

And sorry, I still haven’t figured out a way to block people from posting 300 pictures of their kid’s potty training success!



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