Adventures in Odyssey: Download 20 FREE Episodes, plus “Mealtime Devotions for Kids” eBook


 Adventures in Odyssey in the past. But thought I’d talk about it again, because it’s always a lifesaver each summer!  Adventures in Odyssey is an audio series heard on radio stations around the country.  It’s created for ages 8-12, but enjoyed by the whole family, with fictional, character-building dramas that teach lasting truths.

Head over HERE to find over 20 Adventures in Odyssey FREE episodes you can download and start building your library. (Tip: Look for Download this episode to your computer and play the file, then right click and select save as.)

My boys absolutely LOVE listening to Adventures in Odyssey!  I have a bunch of episodes downloaded to my old iPhone and they will sit and listen to the shows for hours.

Take a look at the picture below.

It’s my boys. Sitting.
Not staring at a TV.
Not punching each other.
Not asking for a snack.
Not telling me they’re bored.
Just sitting.

Ahhhhh…..a little peace on earth courtesy of Mr. Whit!

Adventures in Odyssey free episode downloads

Also, you can download 10 FREE Adventures in Odyssey Mealtime Devotions for Kids!

whits end mealtime devotions adventures in odyssey


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