Kinsa Smart Thermometer only $14.99 w/ FREE Shipping (Reg. $24.99)!


My son was sick least week and ALL three of our digital thermometers had dead batteries! Ugh. I wish I’d had the new Kinsa Smart Thermometer . It taps into your smartphone’s power, so no batteries are needed. Plus, it displays the temperature of the patient on your smartphone. And since there are virtually no electronics inside, it’s extremely lightweight and durable for carrying with you.

Right now, the Kinsa Smart Thermometer is only $14.99 w/ FREE Shipping (Reg. $24.99)! Sweet

Just plug it into your headphone jack and open the FREE app to see the temperature reading. It also records medicine taken, and the temps for EACH person who uses it.


  1. This product does not work in iphone 6. I ordered it and now I can not refund it. I also ordered one from eBay, and that works with iphone 6. If you using iphone 6, do not buy from here.

    • On their website under the Help section it shows that it works with iPhone 6, and iPhone 6S….but you have to be running iOS 8.0 or later. Maybe you need to update your software?


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