5 Reasons Why Moms LOVE Monday


I’ve always LOVED Mondays. I know, I know…this thinking goes against the norm. Because this is how most people feel about the day:

Image result for monday memes funny

Image result for monday memes funny

Image result for monday memes funny
Image result for monday memes funny
But I think Mondays are AWESOME! And when I became a mom, my love of this first day of the week became even greater. Why??? Because unstructured weekends wreak havoc on moms.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Moms LOVE Mondays!

The Inmates Leave the Asylum – Monday morning means the kids go back to school, making the house yours again (at least for a few hours). You can spend the morning binge watching The Crown on Netflix, walking around naked, or just stay in your PJs until noon.

Uninterrupted Tasks – Over the weekend, it takes moms ten times longer to get anything done. With kids and husbands hanging around, we’re always stopping our tasks to break up wrestling matches, hear the latest fart joke or answer very important questions like, “What’s for lunch?”  On Monday, solo moms can knock out all the chaos and clutter leftover from Saturday and Sunday in a mere 12 minutes. Amazing, isn’t it?

Beat the Clock – Mondays are structured. They’re focused. The have an agenda. While the rest of the family is rolling out of bed grumbling about the start of the week. Moms have already set the plan of the day in motion. Breakfast is made, lunches are pack, workout gear is on and she’s ready to kick her precious, little cherubs to the curb so she can make that 8am pilates class.

Get to Work – Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, work-at-home mom, or full-time working mom, studies show that 1/3 of us do our best and most productive work on Mondays. I believe it’s because we spent the two previous days aimlessly, meandering through the hours. When Monday hits, we’re like, “Let’s do this. Let’s get something done!”

Embrace the Clean Slate – Maybe you didn’t accomplish all your goals from last week. That’s OK. With Monday, you can start over with a clean slate. There’s something about the fresh beginning that first day of the week brings that can push you to do great things.


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