A Visit to Town Talk in Ft. Worth… “Where Food Goes To Die!”

town talk foods bulk salvage ft. worth

If you’re ever in Ft. Worth, you need to stop by Town Talk  on Beach St. between 121 and I-30. I call it the place “where food goes to dies” because most of the items you’ll find are close to (or even past) their sell-by date. What the what?!?

“I can’t buy expired food.”
“That’s insane.”
“Are you feeding this stuff to your kids. I’m calling CPS!!!”

Slow your roll, people!

What is “grocery salvage?”

The FDA doesn’t regulate “sell by” dates or require food firms to place “expired by”, “use by” or “best before” dates on food products. These are added by manufactures at their discretion, which means most foods are fine to eat long after these obscure dates are past.

Town Talk focuses on selling groceries at extreme discount prices. Interesting not only for people with limited budgets, but for anyone that enjoys the “hunt” for bargains.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook to get the inside scoop on new deliveries. They frequently post pictures and do Facebook LIVE videos to give you a peek at what’s in stock.

town talk foods salvage groceries dallas ft. worth


Watch the video below and see what I found on my recent hunt…


Where is Town Talk Foods in Ft. Worth located???

It’s located 121 N Beach St, Fort Worth, TX 76111 between Hwy. 121 and I-30.

Happy Hunting!!!


  1. I was shopping at Town Talk when they were near downtown Ft. Worth…very long time ago. Now that I live in Collin County, I really miss them.

    I don’t know about presently, but the previous years when I was living near there, they had signs up warning you that if you eat ANYTHING in the store before paying for it, they will prosecute you for shoplifting. It seems too many people like to graze their way thru the store. Not that you did, but just opening a package and trying something would qualify for that so I wanted to warn you if you missed the signs.

    My favorite part of the store was the walk-in refrigerator where they kept the things like yogurt & fresh fruits and veggies I really miss that store and envy anyone who gets over there on a regular basis.

  2. “yogurt’s already bad to begin with…” haha
    I am intrigued. I needed to know about this yesterday when I was at TCU.
    Also, have you been to Dirt Cheap? You need to blog about that place. Oh wait, never mind, don’t let out my secret 😉


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