Ten Commandments of Grocery Savings WITHOUT Using Coupons


Gasp!  Yes, I’m going to say it. You can save money on grocery items without using coupons. But there are a few rules you should follow in order get the most for your money. Here are the Ten Commandments of Grocery Savings WITHOUT Using Coupons:

  1. “Thou Shalt Make a List” Plan your shopping trip before you go to the store and stick to that list.
  2. “Know the Good Book” Your price book, that is. By keeping a record of price variations over time, and between different stores, you’ll be able to determine your target price and the sales cycles for products you buy on a regular basis.
  3. “Increase your Storehouse” It’s incredibly important to stock-up when items when they are at their deepest discount. If you have a good stockpile, you won’t run out of an item before the next deep sales cycle.
  4. “Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone” Sure, PB&J’s are cheap and nice to have every once in a while. But your family needs something more substantial, right? Adding lentils, brown rice and vegetables like broccoli, sweet potatoes, green beans, etc. is an inexpensive way to expand a meal.
  5. “Love Thy Freezer”  Having a chest freezer is a HUGE way to save money! You can take advantage of deep discounts on meats, dairy, frozen veggies, breads and more. Plus, make double batches of meals and store the extra ones in the freezer for quick no-hassle dinners down the line.
  6. “Rebuke the Temptation” Don’t let those evil marketers :lol: persuade you into buying items you don’t need. Sure, the items may look good and might be on sale, but do you REALLY need them?
  7. “Ask and Ye Shall Receive” If you notice a perishable item that’s close to its expiration date, don’t be afraid to ask for a markdown.  Most store managers are happy to move merchandise out of the store and will gladly give you a discount.
  8. “Be Patient” If at all possible, wait until the item you need goes on sale.  If you have a good stockpile of other items in your pantry, the odds are you can find something else to cook for dinner until the ingredient you need goes on sale. As they say, “patience is a virtue.”
  9. “Their Loss is Your Gain”  Shop those “loss leader” meat, fish and poultry sales, and fill up your freezer. Loss leaders are usually seen on the front page of store circulars. Stores actually lose money when selling these items at deep discounts in the hopes that you’ll spend more money on other things throughout the store.
  10. “Walk and Do Not Become Weary”  As you know, I love to “walk the aisles“ of stores because sometimes you can stumble upon an amazing deal or manager special.  Yes, you need to stick to your list, but it’s O.K. to be flexible and purchase something if it’s a great deal and it’s something you will really use.