New Water Attraction! Kymera DFW Electric Jet Body Board, GREAT Fun for Family



For those of you in the DFW area, check out this hot new outdoor activity!    Kymera DFW is now open and my family tried it out over Easter Weekend and had the best time ever!

— USE Promo Code: MYDFWMOMMY to get 50% off! 


Ride along Lake Grapevine on the Electric Jet Body Board at speed of up to 20mph. You skim across the surface of the water like a jet-charged dolphin.  The board is launched by your hand and SO MUCH FUN for the whole family!

You launch from Meadowmere Park and you have access to a no wake section of Lake Grapevine. Included in your ride is an orientation, up to 30 minutes of ride time at the maximum speed, and a 5 minute cool down period at 5mph.

This normally costs $60 for 30 minutes but promo code MYDFWMOMMY gets you $30 for 30 minutes.

And trust me, 30 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot, but you get a ton of fun during that time and you’re ready to come back to the shore and share the excitement!

The Electric Jet Body Board is a great water activity. Best of all, anyone between 100-220lbs can ride our electric powered jet boards. (note: there is a little “fudge-room” on the weight, but it’s a good base)

Hours of operation:

April 22 – May 26 (Weekends Only)
May 27 – Sept 4 10am-4pm
Sept 5 – Sept 30 (Weekends Only)

For dates and times not listed or for private parties, contact

Meadowmere Park, 3000 Meadowmere Ln, Grapevine, Texas 76051
(214) 545-8073