FREE Graze 4-Snack Sampler Box w/ FREE Shipping!


If you’re trying to eat clean, healthier foods, check this out. Right now, you can get a FREE Graze 4-Snack Sampler Box w/ FREE Shipping!

Each Graze box is made up of perfectly portioned snacks customized for each individual based on taste preferences and dietary requirements. Available as a weekly or bi-weekly delivery nationwide to your office or home. Several different box options that showcase our assortment of 100+ snacks including the Variety Box, Sharing Box, Calorie Count Box, Sugar Count Box, and more.

***Keep in mind, Graze is a regular service, but you can change or cancel your orders at any time. 

Free Graze Snack Sample Box


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  1. I followed your instructions to get my first Free Graze box from, which asks for an invite code. The item I bought from Stapler sent me this paper but gave me no code. Is this a false promise?

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