Funny Friday: The Girl Scout Cookie Dilemma


Braham__MN_sign_1_fullIt’s that time of year, when your New Year’s Resolution to eat better is starting to wane and your motivation to work out is obsolete.  Then you hear it.  That small, timid knock on your door.  You peak through the shade and see a glimmer of green and a sweet, little smile. Darn it!  It’s Girl Scout Cookie selling season.

Now, as the Coupon Crazy Mommy, my first inclination it to politely decline her offer of overpriced, highly-processed baked goods and teach this young lass the basics of couponing.  I’d explain that it’s insane to pay $3.50 for a box of Thin Mints when, if I wait for a sale and use a coupon, I can buy a similar box of Keebler Grasshopper cookies for about $1 at Kroger.

But no, I resist the urge to corrupt the next generation with my frugal ways, and instead suck it up and make my selections; crossing my fingers that when they’re delivered, I don’t eat an entire sleeve in one sitting!

How about you?  Did you crush a small child’s spirit or break down and buy a few boxes???


  1. No one makes Thin Mints like the Girl Scouts. I always try to buy some.
    You actually found a package of cookies for !.00 at Kroger (It’s Ralphs in CA where I live)?
    Even with coupons that seems too small amount to pay.

  2. Agreed. Thin Mints are the BEST, especially straight out of the freezer!

    At Kroger, Keebler cookies were recently on sale 2/$4 and there was a $1/1 coupon emailed to Kellogg’s Family Rewards members. Ironically, if you scroll down this page, there’s a banner to sign-up on the right…