FREE “Briefing” Newspaper Subscription from the Dallas Morning News = FREE Coupon Inserts!!!


The Sunday paper is a great resource for good coupons. But with subscription prices on the rise, sometimes it’s not budget-friendly sign-up for a year of home delivery.

Pssst….I’ll let you in on a little secret: The Dallas Morning News offers a FREE subscription to “Briefing.” It’s a smaller, less extensive paper that’s delivered to your home Wednesday through Saturday. What’s great is the Saturday edition includes the SmartSource and Red Plum coupon inserts found in the Sunday paper. That’s right, FREE coupons delivered to your doorstep!!!

Keep in mind, the Saturday inserts don’t include all the coupons you’d typically find in a Sunday subscription paper. But hey, they’re FREE, so I’m not complaining!

Go HERE to see if your home address is eligible for delivery and start receiving your FREE coupons today! UPDATE: The “Briefing” online sign-up form has been removed. Now, you must call customer service (214-977-8333) to request a subscription. The rep then has to send an email to management for approval, since it’s only available for non-DMN subscribers. This is a tedious, antiquated process; and it’s likely you’ll get an uninformed rep, like I did. So have fun!

Also, check your local Dollar Tree stores.  Many carry the Sunday edition of the Dallas Morning News for just $1. What a deal!

And many times throughout the year Groupon offers discounts on Dallas Morning News and Ft. Worth Star Telegram newspaper subscriptions. Go HERE to see what’s available right now.

dallas morning news subscription coupon deal discount

Also, check out They sell newspaper subscriptions for over 400 newspapers across the country. Look, you can get the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram for as little as $2 per week!

where to get free newspaper coupons

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dallas morning news subscription coupon deal discount


  1. Post a link for deactivating delivery that I never activated. You people litter my yard with this…and it needs to stop!

  2. We did not receive Briefing newspaper today at 4104 Fair Meadows Drive, Plano, TX 75024. Your prompt attention in this matter will be highly appreciated. Many thanks.

  3. Need to stop unrequested deliveries of this newspaper in Queen’s Gate! People leave them lying in yards and littering the streets!

  4. the briefing newspaper that is thrown out in our neighborhood by a young lady who drives a gray Kia plate # LDX0697 around before morning with her boom box going is always throwing the briefing in the street, on the curb or in the water. rarely does it make the grass. we have asked her to make it into the yard if you are going to throw but she has chose to ignore the requests.
    if you are paying her to deliver a product she is doing a very lousy job of completing the task. We thought you might want to know your product is not making it to the customer. this is the neighborhood that is east of north carrier and egyptian in grand prairie texas 75050

  5. STOP STOP STOP STOP littering my sidewalk with weekly briefing. i have begged begged begged for you to STOP STOP STOP
    149 Meadowglen Cir, Coppell Tx 75019

  6. Please stop littering the streets and yards of neighborhoods with the BRIEFING newspaper that 90% of people don’t want to read> People read everything online, just deliver to people who requested it and really want it.

  7. I live in garland Texas 1809 millwick 75044
    I haven’t received my in over a yr it’s sad I see her pass by on our street like a jet but nothing thrown


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