Free Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Spending a ton of money on a Mother’s Day gift isn’t always needed. In fact, it’s oftentimes just the effort in making mom feel special is what means the most to her.  Here are 8 completely free ideas Mother’s Day gift ideas that will still make your mother feel loved on her special day!

8 Free Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Wash and clean out her car~ We spend a lot of time in our cars, so do this tiresome chore for her!

2. Send her a photo montage~  Collect as many nostalgic pictures as you can and create a collage that you can email to her or post to Facebook.

3. Volunteer together~ This will bring you closer while helping out your community.

4. Create an epic music playlist~ Remember those mixed tapes? Use Spotify instead for an updated version of this.

5. Pledge to finally quit that bad habit she hates~ Ban texting and driving or biting your nails- give her peace of mind on her special day!

6. Give her a homemade scrub~ Most of the ingredients in these DIY scrubs are handy in your kitchen.

7. Give her your copy of your favorite book~ Write an inscription on the first few pages as to why she’d love it too.

8. Make a wine label for a bottle of red or white~ There are printable templates online and you can throw one one a bottle you have lying around the house!


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