Amber Teething Necklace: Not Just for Teething

Amber Teething Necklaces
{This is a guest post from Jenn, a mom who discovered something cool!}

When I first heard about amber teething necklace, I thought it had just one purpose – helping babies with teething pain. It wasn’t until I decided to research amber more that I realized that it has a lot of other benefits that can greatly help my baby.

Secret Health Necklace

I was curious about why amber necklaces for teething worked so well for my baby. I was skeptical at first when my friend suggested I try it, but I had to admit that it helped Bella a great deal.

As I researched amber online, I found out that it’s been used for centuries. People in Europe and the Middle East have been using it for so long because it has long-term health benefits.

These are some of the reasons they have used amber necklaces:

  • It can shorten the length of the common cold.
  • It can reduce flu symptoms.
  • People found relief from arthritis using it.
  • Inflammation decreases with consistent use.
  • People find that they are less anxious when they use it.
  • The Succinic Acid in it provides immune boosting effects.
  • It can speed up the metabolism.
  • It’s a natural energizer.

When I read about all of these benefits, I was shocked. I felt like buying one for myself! And that’s exactly what I did.

I had purchased Bella’s amber teething necklace from Baltic Wonder, so I got one for myself. They are one of the best websites for Baltic amber necklace, which is important.

Baltic amber is the highest quality amber you can get. It has the most Succinic Acid in it, which means you get more of the good stuff that improves your health.

Baltic Wonder sources all of their amber beads from Lithuania – located in one of the Baltic areas of the world. They are the leaders in producing high quality amber.


How It Works

The amber must stay on the skin for as long as possible during the day. This is because body heat warms the amber, and that releases the Succinic Acid onto the skin. The skin is so permeable, that the treatment oil seeps right into it and then into the bloodstream. This is what makes it possible for the Succinic Acid to start working it’s magic.


About My Experience

It’s been about a year since I put Bella’s amber teething necklace, and not only has she not had to deal with teething pain, but I believe she’s been pretty healthy because of it. When she gets a cold, it’s really mild and doesn’t last the seven days that colds normally last.

I have been using mine for the last 6 months, and I haven’t had the joint pain that I normally have because of medical condition. I believe it’s really helped with the inflammation. I haven’t really had a bad cold since last winter, so it may be helping with that as well.


I’m really happy that I stumbled upon the amber necklace. It may not be the cure-all that we would all hope for, but I believe it’s a supplement to a healthy lifestyle. Go ahead and do some research on it. It’s definitely worth your time to learn about it to keep you and your whole family in better health.


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